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That's a veritably resourceful tactic. Short an to the point, thank you.
Now, you could make a NEWGROUNDS version where you're not scolded for talking a little chemistry, right?

ImperialScribe responds:

Not a bad idea.

Yet another charming animation with a nice fresh look, the movements and sounds are ok and the pun is spot on.
Keep up the good work, man!

Just digged up GOLD, this is good, how come it's so underrated?

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Lag affects the game experience drastically (timing for dodge is completely unpredictable), allow changes in quality, there is no reason not to and is a simple fix.
AP points are pretty useless when improvements do as much as 0.02% difference to a stat, the concept of levels exist for character development, either make it matter or remove it.
You should have mentioned that we MUST start on easy (the fourth boss was insane on medium and a weakling on easy) or balance those difficulties.
The game over screen is unresponsive before the shift completes.
Only bosses, no enemies whatsoever, but considering the lag that is a blessing. Maybe you've got some nested loops running? Last time I checked flash wasn't supposed to get this slow.

If you did that by yourself, it's an amazing game! The combat is based on old classics and the bosses attack patterns differ enough. Sad the only 2 bosses you can combo are the first and the last, and if you're really fast (and your computer too) the cave demon. Ground mobility is OK but air mobility is welcome and could help add depth to the fights, allowing another way to dodge low attacks and attack high enemies.

PoliuxDimension responds:

I hid the right click control panel to prevent people click "play", and jump some level, it seems those function are kind of bundle together in the AS3 library, please tell me if there is a way to set it independently, or I will have to find a custom way to do it.

The right part of status such as critical multiplier, combo multiplier increase very small each level have a reason, the reason is when combo and crit chance go high, those parameter change your attack exponentially, it would easily break the cap limit if it wasn't that small.
(So it's actually got it's value to upgrade, especially in end game, it makes your attack like beast when high combo, I can show anyone who is curious about the math function of attack in game, pm me if you are interested, or this post is going to look very messy)

There is a downloadable version on my game jolt, welcome to download and play it on your end device, there are some scene is lagging because of multiple layers(forest scene), I'm still trying to find a way to avoid that, but boss fight scenes suppose to work smoothly.

Yes, this game was created by 1 person over half year using my available time. I can see that you observe well on each boss pattern. I will try air action maybe in the future if I have another chance to make another real time action game.(I discard jump when I began, because I don't have enough confidence to try everything at once on my first action game, so I discard mob and air action, I can work on those in the future, thank you)

This game got me running in circles trying to break the puzzle, but after analyzing nearly every clue, it remained unsolved.

Look for aurora, an unity game of the same nature but older, it'll probably give you some ideas.

TestTubeGames responds:

I'll take a look - thanks for suggesting that

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Robed, sword-wielding, Japanese potoo. Very good, very good indeed.

Cool. Is that an idle or dodge animation?

FsebastiamL responds:

Thanks is idle animation

Or maybe the dragon likes 'Hexes'...
Great style btw, it's like a Final Fantasy box art but made with watercolor on leather.

I REALLY like corgis.

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